Due to the importance of the herd’s composition in predicting herd records as well as continuous evaluation of the herd status, Modiran Company decided to develop software for calculating herd’s composition records (Herd’s composition records calculation software), and make it available to the customers.


Some features of the herd’s composition records calculation software:

- Calculation of the herd’s composition at any date range.
- Displays the latest animal status information in each category separately and in full details
- The ability of importing data of calculations to the main software
- Calculation of the herd’s composition for each company for cooperatives
- Display the latest status of the male and female animals individually
- The ability of reporting and converting the reports to any format
- The power to build any kind of report
- The ability to change formulas
- The ability to calculate aggregate items, such as the average of days in milk (DIM), the average of pregnancy days, heifer and etc., in each date range.


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