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Animal Husbandry Management Software


Animal Husbandry Management Software- Dairy animal management (Dairy Cattle):

In this version of the dairy farm management software, in addition to herd management and time management, operations such as protocols, moving in the pedigree with full specifications, defining each type of output as a plan in the calendar, note, automatic repair of the download center information, management indicators, and etc. are added to the system.


Animal husbandry management software features:

Superiorities of software version 8:


In addition to the operational planning ability such as the protocol and note, the new version of the software has other features that can be mentioned as the following:

1) Providing comprehensive information
2) Easy to use
3) Providing herd improvement subjects
4) The ability to calculate the pedigree to the infinite generation
5) The ability to communicate with the mobile phones
6) Remote control feature

7) The ability of programming in software
8) The ability to create infinite number of reports
9) Providing the largest sales network
10) Providing the broadest and fastest services network
11) Providing the strongest support
12) Confirmation of specialists
13) Expandability
14) The ability to auto repair information


Advantages of Animal Husbandry Management Software:

1) Working with windows
2) Capability of conversion to network
3) Local and central support
4) Online support via the site and phone
5) Wide usage
6) Low price services

7) The ability to transfer information from old software

8) The ability to connect to a variety of milking machines and digital devices
9) The ability to design infinite number of reports
10) Easy to install and easy to use
11) Connectivity to financial software (e.g., accounting, budget and actual cost software)
12) Used in the largest holding companies in the Middle East
13) The ability to collect information centrally in cooperative companies and organizations by using information aggregation software
14) The ability to submit aggregate reports
And so many other features.


Some changes come with the new version:

Some changes in the new version of dairy farm management software are as follows:



  1. Selection of photos by birth date
    2. Selection of photos by gender



  1. Controlling inventory of barnyards
  2. Searching in the movement of livestock


  1. By selecting in the defaults, deletion became Optional.
    2. At the time of deleting the control, the deletion date is performed in the subsequent operation.
    3. The photos can automatically resize.
    4. In the livestock card, the livestock age is also calculated for each operation.
    5. By selecting in the defaults, the repeatability of the body is checked for only live animals.
    6. Search was added on codes such as ears and recordings.
    7. In the case of lost livestock, the name of the buyer was deleted.
    8. Warning about duplicate registration number was added.
    9. In the case of virtual parents and the entry of new livestock, the list of sperms is taken from the warehouse without controlling the inventory.
    10. The summary of the file has changed.
    11. The need for activation of the new reason for removal has been corrected.



  1. The bugs of the milk tables were resolved.
    13. The record of dried cattle and heifers and dead cows in collective milk, has the option of accepting or not accepting.
    14. Recalculation bug of the row of records has been corrected.




  1. Body temperature measurement was added.
    17. Quick access to record the livestock’s weight at the time of sale was created.

The record:

18. Dried animals / dead animals / heifers can also be in the record with license.
19. The Excel file’s download section of the record was modified.
20. The record deletion was added.



21. In the therapeutic, Ini was activated.
22. Therapeutic operation for males is allowed.
23. The end date of the treatment would be received.
24. The control of inoculation resulted in gestation in the time of pregnancy announcement was added.
25. The end of the treatment was fixed.


Collective Operation:

26. A medical visit for the male calves was added.
27. All items of the last condition were specified in this section.
28. Calving was added.
29. The headline of the collective reports language has changed to Persian.
30. The section of collective operation was completed.


The last condition:

31. Search was added on codes such as ears and recordings.
32. All Specifications of records in the condition part are provided only from official records.
33. In the summary section of the livestock condition, the movement condition was mentioned similar to the body condition.
34. The Livestock display conditions section has been deleted.



35. The removal of BV became possible.



1. Table mode can be saved in the sections of the last condition / livestock and operations / produced milk / herd’s composition / collective operations.


Medicine warehouse / Medicine consumption:

1. Use of the medicine warehouse became optional.
2. Remove the inventory field when defining medicine information.
4. All items related to medicine consumption were checked.
a. Correction of the date of prescribing, taking the medication, wrong action and wrong values.
b. The date of prescribing in the medication should be added in line with previous history.
c. Fixed medicine definitions were added.



5. A complete survey was carried out on problems in calving deletion and day change for calving registration.
6. The father's sperm length is normal. The previous information is corrected.
7. The suggestion of a change in inoculation resulted in pregnancy was removed, because it caused errors in the software.
8. The date of inoculation and the duration of pregnancy were added to the calving page.
9. At the time of the calving of pregnant mother, the main mother is registered as the mother.


Sperm bank and storage:

11. Update of the sperm bank with new sperms should be controlled.
12. Sexed Sperms in inoculation are indicated.
13. Sperms modificated in the warehouse if the sperm has been updated.
14. Use of sperm storage became optional.The problem of sperm modification has been corrected.
16. Bull inoculation should not have the agent's number.
17. Methods of embryo transfer were added.
18. Suggested sperms:
a. Accuracy control of the information on the definition in sperms list and sperm storage is done by setting the presets.
b. Inventory control is performed by setting the presets.
c. Login problem was solved.


Movement condition and body condition:

1. The agent's name was added in the movement condition and body condition.

Information correction:

1. Information improved for multiple companies.
2. All corrections are recorded.


Herd’s Composition:

1. The required populations in the herd’s composition were defined as follows:
a. Dairy Herd: Pregnant Dairy animals + Non-Pregnant Dairy animals
b. Productive herd: Pregnant Dairy animals + Non-Pregnant Dairy animals + Dry pregnant animals + Dry Non-Pregnant animals
c. Whole female calves up to 12 months
d. Total male calves
e. Total female calves



1. The whole program was controlled.
2. The file download option was added to the software.
3. Created programs
a. Vaccination
b. Locomotion score
c. Body condition score
d Registration number, row of flowers and metal
e. Sperm suggestion
f. Hoof trimming



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