It’s a kind of creature that depends on different factors such as; the heat, the cold, moisture, genetics, gender, environment, food, kind and food ingredient, age conditions and etc.

Because of current economic- health condition the amount of demand and supply are not stable and the authorities analyze and control feed or breastfeeding.

The pregnant livestock is to birth and when abortion happens because of every reason the result is damage. When a livestock has some problems like fracture, until birth it will be alive and after that it will be deleted.


Animal Husbandry:

It is a collection that is studied and analyzed based on the production data of livestock performance. This data is divided into several categories based on the available livestock:

Input: Purchases of food, livestock, medicine, sperm, etc.

Uses: animal feed, electricity, water, medicine, repairs, etc.

Products: milk, heifers, calves, sperm and...

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Agriculture description

Agriculture means food, provender and yarn production. It provides all human needs with planting and domestic animal breeding. We are going to study more about agriculture. Stay with Daneshchi.
Agriculture includes different techniques and specialties such as; ways for preparing more farming grounds, canal digging and various forms of irrigation.


The importance

In today's world, with existing concerns and scarcity of resources, we need to move agriculture to sustainable agriculture (for example, organic farming) or intensive agriculture (for example, industrial agriculture) so that we can meet the needs in the future.


Modern agriculture, plant breeding, pesticides, pest and fertilizer repellency, and technological advances greatly increase crop yields, but it must be borne in mind that these benefits are accompanied by disadvantages such as widespread environmental damage and negative human health effects.

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The interview  of Mr. Vakili engineer with  the channel of the science and technology about the national livestock index project

Due to a scientific and academic reporter from Isfahan, Mohammad Vakili,  The CEO of Sepahan Analyst Company, of the asset ownership project called "Pars" which made a huge evolution in the country ,who announced and said: "Considering the scientific infrastructure in the field of livestock for several years, we have built this project and we estimate that the use of this index will be implemented in 1401, which will create a huge evolution that not only leave a large amount of currency leaving the country, but aso expert services and make currency.

Vakili explained that: domestic cows have existed in Iran since ancient times, But the first series of cows imported from abroad which belonged to the army and  since 1348 the non-domestic vows like Holstein, Jersey,Simmental which imported from countries like United stated and the Netherlands in to the country.

He added: "Imported Holstein cows, due to the importance of discussing information and statistics in exporting countries, were registered and in fact had a basic database with them.

Vakili said that there was no knowledge of these statistics in our country and said: However, these birth certificates became the basis of Iranian livestock statistics, and in the following years, Iranian experts developed and supplemented this information

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Researchers of Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company have designed and commercialized animal husbandry systems optimization software.


According to the Science and Technology News Agency of Isfahan, in an interview with the reporter of the news agency, managing director of Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company stated: "Researches and studies showed that all industrialized and advanced countries in the world have started to form organizations to help the agriculture sector in order to profit from this sector, which serves as the basis for these countries' food security. These organizations are commonly known as DHI. All analyzes of these organizations are based on information collected from the agricultural and animal husbandry units. Due to the lack of powerful software in Iran, Modiran company initially developed a comprehensive herd management software and launched the flow of information to relevant organizations such as the Animal Breeding Center (ABC) of Iran and Agriculture Jihad Research Center, and then, with the help of the Mostazafan foundation, it prepared and implemented Actual Cost Software in the field of livestock (Dairy cows, sheep and goats).

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For the first time in the country; data of sheep & goat milk was recorded and plotted.
According to the Science and Technology News Agency of Isfahan, researchers of Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company, succeeded to record sheep & goat milk data and plot it, when this success happened for the first time in the Iran.
In an interview with the reporter of the news agency, managing director of the company stated that the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry sector is the basis of passive defense of foodstuffs and one of the factors affecting the self-sufficiency of a nation and has been considered as an important sector from the distant past. He also stated that, despite the fact that at the global level, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry has moved rapidly towards modernization, in our country this sector has followed its traditional trend

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