Cost accounting is considered as one of the most important tools in management, and its knowledge can serve as a great help to the heart of an industrial unit. It can be said that determining the actual cost in a dairy farm is a huge step in system management.
The actual cost is a very important tool available to the management so that managers could be able to calculate the actual cost of products and apply their control over material costs, labor costs and other production costs.
We tried to make you familiar with this knowledge in a brief article in a simple language

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Managing director of a software specialized company said that sheep & goats were always far away, and the need for industrialization was not felt. He said that the lack of sheep & goat data recording is related to the Iranian history of dealing with these livestock. Sheep & goats have always existed in Iran, but their life was summarized in rangelands. However, new conditions, such as drought, an increase in inputs costs, and the need to make profit, have led to industrialization of sheep & goats keeping method, and industrial methods will now be featured in this activity

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