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Approaches for Improvement of Herd Pregnancy Rate (Part II)

Approaches for Improvement of Herd Pregnancy Rate (Part II)


To read the first section of the article on the factors affecting the improvement of the pregnancy rate press on this link.

The estrous cycle synchronization, a factor affecting the pregnancy rate, is described in this section. Manipulation of the livestock’s estrous cycle in order to fertilize at a certain interval and then inoculate is called estrus synchronization. There are different methods with different names including heat synch, ov synch, double ov synch, cider, and etc which are performed in different cases. This article has described the registration and review of these protocols in the software of Modiran.

Estrus synchronization is an effective strategy that can be performed in dairy herds around the world in that a high percentage of the target breeds show estrus within a specified time frame and are inseminated based on either the appearance of estrus symptoms or not. To achieve this issue, the main and side costs such as drug costs should be considered and try to get the best performance with the least amount of time and cost. A successful estrus synchronization program should be able to reduce the duration of open days and prevent wasted time, pregnancy loss and economic detriment.

Importantly, efficient management has priority over estrus synchronization approaches. But estrus synchronization approaches are an important and effective aid for efficient management to increase pregnancy rates.

Experimental studies of veterinarians and researchers in different herds have shown that many variable factors including season, herd conditions, production record and etc. are effective in applying various approaches to estrus synchronization and fertility rate. Therefore, to efficient management and the opportunity to choose the desired strategy, registration the complete information of the protocol in the Modiran software and then review the results are performed. In this section, information registration in the software is explained and a report related to the examination of pregnancy results of protocols in different seasons is introduced.

To register the reproduction protocol in the Modiran software, we must first register the method of performing the protocol in the software, according to the below.


After registering the protocol steps, we enter the livestock and operations section and then the collective operations section and select the desired livestock.

Then click the send button and enter the desired livestock information into the protocol from the selected date section. The operation is considered in the livestock section of the protocol. By performing these actions, we can use various reports at different intervals in order to better investigate pregnancy with different protocols. In this section, you can observe the figure related to one of the new reports entitled (Number of pregnant livestock based on the reproductive protocol in different seasons). This report will help to check which executive protocol in each herd had the best outcome in pregnancy.


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