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Embryo transfer through Ovum Pick Up method (OPU) in cattle (Part II)

Embryo transfer through Ovum Pick Up method (OPU) in cattle (Part II)


In this section, we discuss the importance of recording and reporting information based on the basic information of embryo production processes that we discussed in the first section.

We will discuss the software details that make this possible.

Modiran Tahlilgaran Sepahan company, a leader in preparing livestock and agricultural software in cooperation with Sina Phannavran Mandegr Institute has produced Sinnamandgar software for registering information and managing embryo production and is ready to cooperate with other embryo production research institutes via OPU method.


  • Main menu of software

As we see on the right side, it is possible to register all events and steps.

Registration steps include:

Basic information registration:

  • List of persons
  • List of materials
  • List of Sperm
  • List of protocols
  • Hormone therapy reference
  • List of livestock

Registration of process information

  • Hormone therapies
  • OPU
  • IVM
  • IVF
  • IVC
  • Fetal list and storage
  • Sale


Excel output of livestock operations

Excel output livestock list

Types of managerial and analytical reports


Information entry page:

Livestock Information Control Panel:

OPU Information Entry Section:

  • a report prepared to control personnel performance and activities
  • Report on the performance of the staff

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