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Knowledge-based company of Sepahan analyst managers Knowing more about Rayan simulator software

Knowledge-based company of Sepahan analyst managers

Knowing more about Rayan simulator software

What is a farm cattle(herd) simulator and how does it work?

We know that profit means the difference between revenue and cost, but to get the maximum profit, you have to reduce costs or increase revenue, and in simpler ways, you have to increase productivity. In a dairy herd, suppose we want to increase profits. Naturally, milk will be the first target that is produced on a daily basis, and in the meantime, nutrition is an effective factor in it. It is enough to play with the cost of food and change the profit. The second goal is reproduction, which operates periodically and involves many derivatives, including the reproductive system such as (physician, insemination, Estrous cycle), and genetics, and other issues are in the list. naturally, playing with these factors requires high management power and experiences. After a period of time, for example, one month, we can see the results of the change on both of the above goals in the Modiran final cost soft ware. But if we want to increase productivity, what will be the effective factors?

  • As an introduction, all profit-raising factors may be directly involved, and in addition:
  • Investigating the cost of replacing livestock in the herd (rejuvenating the herd or economizing the age of the livestock),
  • Investigation of factors and causes of elimination in the herd, age of elimination, abdomen of elimination and other related parameters,
  • Investigate the impact of equipment on process improvement or quality

And thousands of other factors can be raised. But there is no software that can measure the action performed.

The question is

1- If a researcher wants to study these factors on a herd, to what extent will we allow him to work?

  1. How much does it cost to do these surveys in a real environment?

3- How much time is needed to study these factors?

 And We are sure we know the answer, But if A ranchman could not find a person who give him a commandment in order to destroy his cattle or with extra money the rancher could  find a lot if useful tools for his job.

This is where a cost-effective, time-consuming simulator can help with a lot of research.

What is a simulator?

If we want to describe the simulator simply, we can say ,

We want to draw a line between two points; Certainly, the best way is to use a ruler. If we want to see where the line goes, we can put part of the ruler on the previous line and continue the line.

Simply , it is a software simulator that starts analyzing existing data and tries to draw a future line. But it allows the user to specify the angle of movement of the line.

What is Rayan Simulator and how does it work?

Rayan is software designed to simulate live stock (farm cattle) information and, in addition to be able to predict future events, also displays them objectively. The logic of the simulator is divided into several sections.

  1. Based on the analysis of information, coefficients, processes and factors in the information of the database tries to form the basis of its learning. Simply it means that, it places a part of the ruler on the previous line or the previous data to be ready to draw the line.
  2. By analyzing the information of  calculates important points of information, such as information distortion and scatter, as well as interconnectedness, breakdown, and other attributes of information, and, if necessary, converts them to the default standard range. A simple example would be the outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in a herd. In this case, the heifer's removal rate may increase in one month, but this does not mean that the heifers removal rate will be repeated in the same month of the subsequent years, so here this factor will become the standard deletion.



  1. It then allows the user to change the factors, for example, to reduce the rate of cow abortion, or to increase the rate of female or male fertility (with the help of sex sperm) in the herd.
  2. In the next section, events that may occur during an estimated period can be added to the simulator .For example, buying or selling live stocks based on different group ages such as , gender, appearances (pregnant / non-pregnant / milky cow/ dry cow and its combinations with livestock such as heifers and cows or free martin).
  3. In the calculation section, it can be determined how many years we want to calculate and after that we just have to wait for the end of the calculations. In this section, the software is equipped with a powerful debugging and reporting system that not only can check for unexpected bugs in the software's internal calculations, but also view the livestocks that have been discussed in each process.
  4. After running the software, you can view the results of the calculations separately in different sections. Whether by month to month by herd composition and in addition to statistics, they can also be studied as graphs.
  5. In another part of the software, you can see the real herd which is formed. This information is completely true and in addition to the main characteristics of the animals, including body, sex (female / male /free martin female/ free martin male), blood purity (with precise calculation), pedigree, father, mother, date of birth and date Deletions even include the reasons for deletions in the same livestock category and even in real buyers.
  6. In the same section, by selecting the file of each livestock, we can see a summary of the recorded operations for each livestock. This operation can include all cases such as insemination, vakli syndrome, dry, pregnancy test, abortion, single and twin birth, etc.
  7. In another part of the program we can see the composition of the daily herd during the calculation period. This herd composition shows the standard circulation of livestock in livestock categories.

Some tips from the simulator

1- Because the simulator makes its computational coefficients from the herd analysis, it is able to say where we came from. The important point of this analysis is that it returns all non-standard events to the standard level. Therefore, it also performs information filtering


2- Since Rayan simulator is written with the same rhythm in other administrators' software, it can be connected to them. This connection means that the simulator can be used to estimate future risks by using the numbers in the cost price and nutrition software. One example would be changing the diet, and examining its effect.


3- The next point is to estimate the future. The main goal of Pars Holding in this project was to implement the herd composition in the budget, which was somehow included in this point, but what is clear, this goal is never enough and he only looked at it as an example. Achieving 99% accuracy of calculations will cause this software to move to the next goals with high power.


4 - The most important thing about the simulator is to reduce the risk and speed up the training. The more data connected in the Rayan software, the greater the challenges can be considered, without factors such as financial burden or time of ideas Threaten. For example, the definition of 10% high or low herd for the study of individual livestock VWP is one of the examples that can be calculated in a few hours (instead of several months) and at a cost of zero rials.

The internal structure of the simulator

  • If we draw the process of livestock life in this way, we will notice many complexities for making a simulator. These complexities, in addition to the process of life, must be multiplied by factors such as herd management status, use of technology for processes, environmental conditions, genetics, and more. The probability of occurrence of any of the factors is another issue that should be considered.
  • In order to diagnose these cases, 8 selected technical, statistical and managerial specialists reviewed the mentioned chart for several days and finally prepared all the factors in the form of a draft.
  • After examining and combining 643 application parameters in this simulator, the initial form was programmed.
  • After that, for 700 people / hour, various software designs were performed and formulas were developed in a way that could be developed in the future.

It should be noted that the development team at this stage became a cohesive three-member team and follow the production management of Pars Animal livestock Holding

  1. Since the survival of a software depends on documentation, after obtaining the results, the documentation was done in a way that with a brief training, development is possible.

What are the next goals of the simulator in development?

If we go back to the history of animal husbandry, we come across many professors who have each had a very high impact on this science. These masters in their time were able to be the founders of calculations, methods, processes and science, and today's farmer owes part of his profits to these great men.

In the company of managers, and in the first step, we tried to identify and record what they have founded in the science of animal husbandry. Software such as herd management (dairy cattle and light livestock), cost (dairy cattle and light livestock), feeding and fattening were the software that are the result of this thinking.

These software are divided into the following two categories

1- Present management

2- Calculating the past

We know that the past has always been predicted in the past, but the form of this prediction has always been fixed, and at the same time in the form of interpretive numbers with low flexibility.

Today we decide to add the same capabilities as in the past and present to the software so that it can be viewed in the future.

Therefore, these goals can be imagined

  1. Connect to the cost and power supply software.
  2. Calculate prices, costs and revenues based on the hypothetical currency, along with the ability to apply economic coefficients
  3. Calculating the level of people's participation in information based on the coefficients of participation history
  4. Estimating the amount of milk produced by each livestock with the assumption of normal milk curve or conformity based on the calculation of the factor of breast milk of mother and grandmother
  5. Development to propose the elimination or purchase of livestock according to the capacity of existing or developing facilities.
  6. Completion of program coefficients for other breeds of cows
  7. Expansion of coefficients to coefficients appropriate to light livestock and its development to known breeds
  8. Possibility of applying coefficients of technology change such as changing milk / feed equipment / sono machine, etc.
  9. Creating coefficients(factors) derived from other databases (such as atmospheric fluctuations database) or creative calculations of the moonlight.


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