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fattening software





The fattening software is designed to register, control and manage all related work, material and overload data in fattening collections.

To examine the profit of selling each livestock according to its cost we need:

Purchase payment

Purchase price

Broker payment

Feeding on the way


Purchase weight

Paid salary





Livestock costs





Sales costs

Expert salary for pricing


The process of entering data on software includes introducing basic definitions like race, livestock dealers, costs group, costs description, livestock’s buyers and customized herd combination.


More abilities of software

Register livestock features

Register livestock losses

Register and determine turns of livestock weightlifting

Manage livestock family

Manage livestock herd combination with customized grouping

Register payments like bills, guard dog food and ….

Register normal selling, emergency slaughter, eugenics and dead carcass

Rose reporter to perform, make and edit reports (livestock cardex with details of costs, payment costs between two dates, payments to people, losses determination, list of next weightlifting, list of livestock with weight loss)

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