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modiran software


Sam software
Mobile Debriefing system Enhancing Graphical Interface
Quick access to a specific report
Compatibility with Android (8+) 
i Sam software
Sending information from a mobile device Khomeini Shahr Livestock Improvement Center is equipped with this software as the first center
Other co-operatives can enjoy this app for free
Feasibility to record Weights, Hoof trimming, Vaccination and Mammary Glands by mobile phone
Dairy Farm Management software
Managing Diary Cattle Embryo bank has been added
Fertilization by utilizing Embryo transfer technique
You'll receive new and operational reports for free
Changing cattle composition and harmonizing it with Prime cost and adding all items to this section
It's possible to predict milk production over 305 days
Includes Management indexes
If different cattle breeds exist, all of them will be estimated and recorded automatically and separately.
Smart recommendations in Roz debriefing system
Feasibility to observe cattle composition and related estimations
Fattening software
Cattle fattening management Managing Growth rate
Calculating charges and prime cattle cost
Profit reports of sales of livestock
List of Prime cost of sold livestock 
List of Prime cost of perished livestock
Loss report
Feasibility to record different types of heavy and light livestock
Livestock Genealogy section has been added 
Hoof trimming software
Managing Hoof trimming of dairy farm Feasibility to insert data through Som Chin Yar software
Light livestock software
Managing goats and sheep Analytical reports of every male animals' conception rate and gynogenisis 
Reporting herd composition based on the breeds of registered livestock  
Reporting Conception rate, Gynogenesis and Androgenesis, Multiple births and Stillbirths which are sorted by their breeds 
Protocols have been added
Observing protocols' history in livestock's documents
An Emergency section has been added to the software which includes health control, information bank and corrective calculations  
Automatic display and estimation of genomic breed composition of individual animals 
Smart recommendations in Roz debriefing system

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