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Managers' Nutrition Management Software Package After 2 years of continuous research and management by the managers of the company, as well as 8 months of continuous testing and optimization by livestock professionals, is available to all respectable dairy farmers.

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The nutrition management software allows you to manage your diet in the past or future. In this application, all concentrates, feeds and diets can be easily recorded and can see the amounts of feed of each livestock category.

Nutrition management software can control 70 percent of the cost.



The application feeds the livestock managers


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Using Rose Reporting Software:

In the reporting software, the user's roster can quickly report on the production of reports to produce an extremely limited amount of reports. This software helps to create a new report if you need to create a change in an old report, and the user can prepare it without having to visit or contact the software maker and without paying a fee. Report. However, this software package contains more than 100 reports in each section.

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