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Installed on Android phones that are integral to us.

In the era of technology, mobile is a part of our daily lives and is the best means of meeting new needs, the best way to report is to have an app on the mobile phone.


Software Sam Managers

Send and receive via SMS and the Internet

Sending a request and receiving a report with the most accessible and most comprehensive way of communication - text messaging

SMS is the best and most sophisticated mobile phone tool. In places where even voice calls are jammed and disturbed, this is a text message that is open to the public.

Send reports and receive text, Excel file and graphs over the Internet

The fastest and most secure way to communicate with the web server administrators is.

Send a summary of the herd status via SMS


Easy, quick and comprehensive reporting

With just a few simple clicks and a small amount of time, we get an intelligible and understandable answer. In a vast amount of high-profile reports, instead of looking at the report's keywords in the text message (report), it's time consuming. Type and paste the values ​​correctly together and then send, in this system, just a few clicks to the report, and by filling in several parameters separately and pressing the submit button to the desired report access You find that this is the shortest and best way to achieve a clear and clear answer with the widest range of applied reports.

Getting the report in tabular files and graphing views is one of the most recent and most functional features added to Sam, making it easier and more tangible to check through statistical charts.

Categorizing reports as a list of software makes access to the report much easier and faster.

Reporting through software

Submit report


Authorization and access level by the manager

Only by sending an SMS, we allow and deny access to individuals and change their level of credibility in reporting.

Permissions and the amount of access to information that is the most valuable asset of a business suite has always been and will be a concern for managers. We have tried to make administrators able to grant or cancel privileges to individuals easily and quickly, or even determine how much people access their information, by providing this feature. These user access restrictions by limiting the display of reports and in The server side has been implemented in responses.


Planning and scheduling of operations and daily activities

Managing personnel and resources Using this feature, you can set fixed and variable programs for staff members to be notified at specific intervals.

Planning is the most important part of a business, and this is the road map for further expansion and further development in the future. The most important tool in this way is managing human resources and assigning jobs on a daily and long-term basis, which is an opportunity to achieve this.

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