Mastitis control software

The goal of the design of mastitis control software

· Registration of visits and discharging of Vermi livestock

The mascara control software allows the user to start the next course if the animal is not cured during a treatment period.

All definitions of this system are subject to change.

Visiting operations

· Registration of arrival date to Varmi Bourband, moving from the source of Bahar

· Registration of livestock characteristics (body, spring, lactation, lactation, etc.)

· Calculation of pregnancy status, date of last inoculation, number of inoculations, last milk, last sementicidal tuberculosis, sementiculation of tuberculosis before the last

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Treatment operations

Registration of the date of treatment start, the status of the cardiology, the type, the type of the involved, the responsible treatment, the type of treatment, the end date of the treatment, the displacement in the spring of the vermi

Mastitis treatment information
Discharge operations

· Record the discharge date and calculate the length of treatment

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Report :

· Available reports based on system information

- Treatment report on a specified date

- Kant's semantic report between two dates

- Mastitis Control Report based on Baharand

- Mastitis Control Report Based on Front Left Cardiology

- Mastitis Control Report Based on the Left Rear Card

- Mastitis control report based on right front card

- Mastitis control report based on right front card

- Report mastitis control based on body number

See mastitis software reports

Recovery report

Semitic report of Tank Kant

Report on the number of cattle seen in Sematic Tank Kant

Report entry to Spring

· Reporting, Reporting and Reporting with Rose Managers Software

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