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Rose Reporting System

Rose Reporting System (reporter/ report maker / report writer)

In Sep. 2006, Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company decided to create comprehensive software for generating constant and dynamic reports according to the growing need of the Information Society. The main reasons for this action can be summarized as follows:
1. to strengthen the reporting section through the independence of this section
2. Creating other software without any concern for reporting by separating the report and data entry

3.Ease of distributing software containing Rose Reporting System without the need for network locks limitations


This software is capable of providing four types of reports. It is simple to execute and it provides users, the ability to produce combinational reports (report making) and execute the reports by passing a 2-hours training course. Users also will be able to design scripts with passing a 24-hour training course (Report writing).

In order to achieve this goal, Modiran Company proposes its specialized software called ‘Rose Reporting System’. The features of this software include:


1.Used by more than 500 reputable companies throughout Iran
2. The ability to use all reporting factors, such as a variety of mathematical functions and even certain statistical functions
3. Storing list of the reports on a network server
4. Local runability
5. Ability to provide infinite number of new reports with a few clicks
6. Ability to draw a variety of charts with a few clicks
7. High speed in designing simple and combinational reports
8. High speed in report execution
9. Intelligent Module of Report Optimization
10. High capacity in combination of reported tables
11. Using SQL language in creating scripts
12. Using a page similar to Microsof Office Word when designing pages
13. Types of outputs in different formats such as DBF / XLS / CSV / PDF / TEXT / JPG / HTML / DIF / SYLK / Word PDF / XML

14.omfortable software environment in Persian language

15. Providing a lot of design options


The main form and application view in Windows:

1. Ability to run, edit and categorize the reports in Windows environment
2. High-power simple menus

Reporting section:

1. The list of reports is automatically categorized.
2. There is a possibility to categorize the type of report.
3. Providing quick search for what is needed in a smart way.

Report writing section:

1 Ability to program four types of scripts in one form
2 Definition of variables
3 Testing at the time of writing a report
4 Designing report
5 Using default templates for reporting


Report form design section:

1. Comfortable environment in Persian language
2. Providing a lot of design options
3. Providing a variety of outputs
4. Creating quick report forms

Report making section:

1. Ability to combine infinite number of tables
2. Ability to generate automatic reports
3. Ability to create new fields or manipulate existing fields
4. Ability to save combinational reports


Reporting section:

1. Selection of fields /conditions/computational functions
2. Grouping and sorting
3. Exporting data in Excel formats including DIF / SYLK / Word / HTML / JPG / CSV / PDF / TEXT / DBF / XLS / XML and other outputs.


And the features of Modiran reporting system are increasing day by day.
This software can be used in all software packages of Modiran Company including Animal Husbandry Management Software, Livestock Nutrition Management Software, Actual Cost Software, Mastitis Control Software and Hoof trimming Software.



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