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Researchers of Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company have designed and commercialized animal husbandry systems optimization software


Researchers of Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company have designed and commercialized animal husbandry systems optimization software.


According to the Science and Technology News Agency of Isfahan, in an interview with the reporter of the news agency, managing director of Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company stated: "Researches and studies showed that all industrialized and advanced countries in the world have started to form organizations to help the agriculture sector in order to profit from this sector, which serves as the basis for these countries' food security. These organizations are commonly known as DHI. All analyzes of these organizations are based on information collected from the agricultural and animal husbandry units. Due to the lack of powerful software in Iran, Modiran company initially developed a comprehensive herd management software and launched the flow of information to relevant organizations such as the Animal Breeding Center (ABC) of Iran and Agriculture Jihad Research Center, and then, with the help of the Mostazafan foundation, it prepared and implemented Actual Cost Software in the field of livestock (Dairy cows, sheep and goats).


Why and how to design the software
Mohammad Vakili continued: the design of the basic software was done following the announcement of the needs by one of the largest dairy farms in the country (Foode dairy farm) with about 5000 heads of cattle, and based on scientific discussions with the help of experts such as Dr. Moghimi, one of senior experts in animal husbandry in Iran, Dr. Safahan, an embryo transfer specialist, and qualified managers such as Engineer Jalili Nejad, managing director of Foka Company, Engineer Ghani, development manager of Mostazafan Foundation, and Dr. Ghorbani, former head of Isfahan University of Technology.
He further argued that the software, in addition to comprehensiveness in the input and analysis of information, such as reproduction, milk, genetics, warehouse flow, deals with analyzes such as calculations in different sectors or predictions in the future. Also, in financial discussions, it performs quite accurate calculations in the RIAL currency.

Mr. Vakili added, "The software is designed for use in three main sections of herd management, nutrition management and actual cost management. The herd management software is used to identify the livestock and record related operations. The livestock nutrition management software controls all livestock feed-related processes from the feed formulation to the feed consumption of each livestock (analysis related to consumable materials, livestock and time). The actual cost software can also be used to calculate analysis related to profit, livestock, and product (e.g., milk or calf). The designer of the software further described the capabilities of the software based on the results including the ability to calculate the effect of light on livestock fertility, the ability to compute livestock consanguinity with a precision of up to seven decimal digits and the ability to create knowledge reservoirs in holdings.


Commercialization of software and its economic efficiency
"Currently, more than 1,400 companies, holding companies and cooperative companies nationwide, have been users of this software which is installed on a server and they receive the results of their analyzes," said Mr. Vakili, pointing out the significant success of this software in commercialization. He went on to provide a sample of the economic results of using this software and said: "It is worth mentioning that the use of this software has been accompanied by an increase in milk production from 1 to 20 tons, and the economic value of this increase is determined when considering the price per kilogram of milk that is at least 1000 tomans. It also reduces the costs by reducing inoculation costs from 5 times to 2 times. For example, if the cost of each inoculation is at least 70,000 tomans, an average of 50 million tomans per year would be saved in a herd with 1,000 heads of cattle. In the nutrition section, the use of software provides cost saving of up to about 12 million tomans per month and the reduction in costs. Also, the application of this software has been reported by one of the users by reducing the amount of waste from 3 tons to 30 kilograms.


Software development with the topics of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Vakili remarked: "This software has entered the stage of commercialization, and according to the existing needs in the country, its development on mobile phones has taken in to consideration in line of analyzes."
He added that the development and completion of this software is done with help of other topics such as Business Intelligence (BI), which is on the agenda for the first time in Iran and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is being in the launch phase. It can be expected that all experts will be able to contribute to analytical issues of livestock farmers via the Internet, and universities can also use simulations of a livestock unit in various fields of research in university environment.

Mr. Vakili reminded: By the results of two topics of business intelligence and artificial intelligence, the macro policies of the country could be helped in areas such as drought and passive defense of foodstuffs. At the same time, using this system as a result of low prices is a great help to livestock farms that do not have a high level of funding.
He continued: "The software has a simple design in Persian language and by implementing it on mobile phones; livestock farmers will be able to enter the information, obtain the results of data analysis, and also receive and use the recommendations and solutions of the leading experts of the country.

Mr. Vakili stressed the existence of cross-border clients of this software and stated: Although the design of the basic software has been done in Persian language, several versions are being used by countries familiar with Persian language, and since several countries such as Russia, Turkey and even Italy have requested for it, its development and presentation will be done by adding language change feature in the software.

He emphasized that the implementation of the topics of business intelligence and artificial intelligence in the livestock breeding industry has been in the monopoly of industrial and advanced countries such as America, Germany and Russia. By completing these two topics and implementing it on the basic software, Iran will also be ranked among the few countries in Animal husbandry industry.
Mr. Vakili highlighted the potential of providing services and entering currency to all over the world, provided by the software completed with two topics of business intelligence and artificial intelligence. He said that four companies in the United States are active in this field and have been able to provide services to 150 countries around the world by using two topics of BI and AI. The same potential exists with this software in Iran, which if supported by the government, it can quickly reach the markets of the region, and in addition to entering currency from other countries, it simply can expand its study resources in the countries of the region.

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