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It’s a kind of creature that depends on different factors such as; the heat, the cold, moisture, genetics, gender, environment, food, kind and food ingredient, age conditions and etc.

Because of current economic- health condition the amount of demand and supply are not stable and the authorities analyze and control feed or breastfeeding.

The pregnant livestock is to birth and when abortion happens because of every reason the result is damage. When a livestock has some problems like fracture, until birth it will be alive and after that it will be deleted.


Animal Husbandry:

It is a collection that is studied and analyzed based on the production data of livestock performance. This data is divided into several categories based on the available livestock:

Input: Purchases of food, livestock, medicine, sperm, etc.

Uses: animal feed, electricity, water, medicine, repairs, etc.

Products: milk, heifers, calves, sperm and...

Output: sale of consumable milk, animal manures, annual profit and ...

For this purpose, by recording and recording the information of each animal separately, a database can be obtained to filter the data to obtain the desired information, including production improvement - profit - loss – damages

The products of a dairy cattle farm, in addition to milk, can also be the following:


  • veal
  • Heifer
  • Removed animal
  • Fertilizer

It seems that by designing an intelligent system (artificial intelligence - machine vision - data mining, etc.) the effective factors can be examined ninety to ninety as well as collective analysis, and similar results to the results of expert human beings much faster and timelier.

In order to improve the performance of livestock production, several specialized categories have been presented and with the effect of these categories, information is recorded:


  • Calf
  • Heifer
  • Dry
  • Pregnant
  • Ready to give birth
  • milky
  • Ready to delete


  • Spring grouping of new parturition


In this group there are the cows which got birth currently and inspected for 48 hours to determine if the placenta is removed. If it isn’t removed, it will record as a remained placenta and these cows are suspected to illnesses like bulge.


  • Spring grouping first birth

In this animal husbandry, the animals with first birth were separated due to their smaller size so that they could use the food more easily (due to the war to determine the leader and location in categorization).


  • Spring grouping of more births

In these groups, the cattle were higher than 1 birth and were classified according to the amount of milk in different springs that were different in terms of feed consumption.


  • Spring grouping of heifer waiting for getting birth

In this group, heifers that were up to 8 months pregnant were placed and their conditions were regularly checked so that they could place the livestock on the delivery platform until calving.


  • Spring grouping of a cow waiting for giving birth

Up to more than 8 months pregnant cows are in this group to check their condition until calving.


  • Colostrum place

In this section, newborn animals were kept, which physically needed a certain temperature and humidity and special maintenance, and remained in this section for a few days and suckled.


  • Calf place

Newborn cattle were transferred to this ward after the colostrum and kept in this ward for up to 3 months. In the first month, only milk and then powdered food or the same starters are used.


  • Dairy farm development plan

In this section, the outdoor stables that were under construction and how to build them so that the springs are in the opposite direction to the wind or sun catcher were also explained in relation to the slope of the bed where the animal is to rest.


  • Food production factory

In this section, the feeder was located in the center and the feed was on both sides. First, it was made according to the instructions of the person in charge of feeding the premix, and then they made concentrate and then prepared it for loading.


  • Food storage part

In this section, the purchased foods were stored and used at the time of purchase, respectively. In this section, the feed composition is given three times a day in each spring, and the relationship between this section and the statistics department and production manager is very important and changes in each combination may affect the production and future of animal husbandry and therefore the presence of control parameters in this area is mandatory.


  • Milking

In this section, the cattle came for milking according to their outdoor stables. Due to the sensitivity of the newborn cows, they are milked first at the beginning of the work, and then the other cattle were milked in parallel, in two rows, and the cattle were placed in boxes that were straight, respectively. The breast was disinfected and then milked. In this device, the measurement of the amount of animal milk was automatically determined on the screen of each animal and the information was recorded using a pocket and then transmitted to the managers.


The milk was passed through the cooling system to be transferred to the storage tank and then loaded, during which a temperature drop of up to 20 degrees occurred.





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